Hosting A Party At Home? These Six Party Games Will Add Life To Your Party

Nobody wants to be that boring party host. One of the best ways to throw a successful party with maximum engagement is by adding in some party games. Depending on the crowd, the games can range from children’s games to adult games, usually with copious amounts of alcohol involved. But what about those adults that like to socialize with their friends but not necessarily want to wake up hungover the next day? Board games are a great solution to that, and while you certainly don’t want to be a chess grandmaster challenging everyone at, these board games below, some of which we guarantee you’ve never heard of (which means your guests have never heard of either) can be a great way to bond. Here are some other hilarious adult games which are great for parties.


Two teams try to solve clues on challenge cards (there are over 160 of them) and shout out answers until the allotted time is up. The clues may either be verbal or visual. Careful that you don’t wake up grandpa with this one, or get the cops called on you for suspicion of domestic violence. Requires 4 or more players with each game taking about 20 minutes.



This is like the card game ‘Snap’ but on performance enhancing drugs. Each card has several images, such a s a cat or a moon but only one image on it is matches every other card in the deck. Players watch intently as the top card is turned over and each one tries to match a picture from their cards with the one in the middle. A great test of reflexes and observational skill, you’ll soon have your group’s ‘The Flash’ boasting about his godlike reflexes. Yelling is common. Requires 2 to 8 players with each game taking about 10 minutes.

Moustache Smash

Are you an ironic hipster? Are your friends ironic hipsters? Then this is the game for you. Everyone gets a plastic moustache on a stick (each with different styles of course) and play the cards until you spot a match to your own moustache, either in color or shape. The first to spot a match slams his or her plastic moustache down on the matching card. First to smack claims it. Oh, and each plastic moustache stick also has a suction cup to pick up the card. Hungry Hippos with moustaches; maybe soon they’ll come out with Hungry Hipster Hippos. Requires 2 to 6 players with each game taking about 5 minutes.

king-of-tokyo-board-gameKing of Tokyo

GOJIRA! Which is what those Japanese call Godzilla, the King of Monsters, and in this game, also vying to be the King of Tokyo. Each player takes on the role of a different kaiju; either an alien monster, mutants, or a gigantic mech, each with the aim of destroying Tokyo. Fight for supremacy in this dice-based game that is way cooler than Pokemon Go.  Requires 2 to 6 players with each game taking about 30 minutes.

Say Anything

For the chill and laid back stoner crowd. This card and questions game has each player ask a question to the group such as “what would be funniest thing to teach a chimpanzee?” and the other players will have to jot down the answer that they think you would choose. You can then choose which player had the answer that was closest to yours; before the reveal however, they can also bet on which other players they think would win. Keep track of your guesses and wagers with the in-game currency of tokens. Throw in real cash if you’re hardcore. Requires 3 to 8 players with each game taking about 30 minutes.


Did you watch the Oscar-winning movie The King’s Speech? If you did and enjoyed it, this is a game that you’re sure to enjoy. The game has 30 accent cards (ranging from Japanese to Scouse to Mexican) and another set of quote cards. The idea is to read the statement twice, once in your regular accent and then another according to your accent card. The other players then have to guess what accent you were imitating. Warning: this might offend some of the more ‘politically correct’ members of the crowd. Know your audience before playing. Requires 4 or more players, with each game taking about 30 minutes.

While everybody loves parties, there is no denying that there is a huge gap between what is a fun party and what is a crap one. If you are someone who frequently hosts parties, it might be worth investing in some of these board games; at least one of them is sure to appeal to whichever crowd you might be hosting.